Top 3 reasons people won’t buy your car

Post by webuycars on 13 December 2022

Buying a car can be one of the most important purchases you’ll make, so it’s not a decision that should be taken lightly. That’s why prospective buyers will go through every detail – from the display functionality, to comfort to drivability – to ensure that the car they end up purchasing is suited to their lifestyle and needs. 

Customers today are sceptical, informed, and suspicious. They might have had their hearts crushed by their last car purchase, so they’ll be sure to have an eye for detail this time around. But what should you do if you’re wanting someone to buy your car? Simply steer clear of these three easily avoidable reasons that might be stopping you from closing a deal in the second-hand car market.

The audience 

Reaching the correct audience is crucial to the sale of your vehicle – after all, you could reach hundreds of people through an online post, but it may not get to those that are actively looking to purchase anything. Luckily, at We Buy Cars we are connected to thousands of potential buyers that are ready to buy your car. We’ve been in the industry for over 30 years, so our clientele list is extensive to say the least!  

The price

One of the most common mistakes when selling a car is listing it at a price that doesn’t match its value – that’s why we offer reliable and accurate evaluations through our online evaluation tool. Simply enter your car details, alongside your personal details, and wait for one of our friendly salespersons to contact you! A few major factors that impact the value of your vehicle include age, model, mileage, service history, damage history, and even colour. Are you interested to know the value of yours? Then you know where to go!  

The features

There are features that one can’t change such as the manufacturing year, mileage, and model of the car but there are others that can be fixed.  An easy one to fix and one that has a big impact is cleanliness. The second hand car market is all about impressions – if someone is going to buy your car, it needs to look like it’s been cared for. We recommend booking your car in for a professional clean (a run under the pressure cleaner simply won’t do the trick). A car detailing service is a more thorough, in-depth version of a regular car clean. Next, be sure to eliminate any unpleasant odours – air fresheners and carpet cleaner will do the trick!

Want us to buy your car?

Selling a car is a big deal, and to us, it’s simple and straightforward. If you’re ready to sell yours and keen to find someone to buy your car the easy way, list it with the experts at We Buy Cars. We invite you to get an accurate evaluation or to get in touch for more info.

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