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*Please note no cars older than 2006 with more than 200,000km

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"The whole experience was super straightforward and the online pricing tool made it even easier to sell my car. I am happy with the price I got as it was better than other offers I had received" 

Tracy, Toowoomba
Selling your used car is easy.

Step 1. Free Online Valuation

Find out how much your vehicle is worth by entering your details into our pricing tool.
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Step 2. Organise an Appointment.

Arange to meet one of our car buyers at a loctaion in Toowoomba that is local and convenient to both parties.
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We pay cash for cars.

Step 3. Agree on a Buying Price

Negociate a price for your car and agree on a selement to sell your car. Prices are based on current market value.
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Use We Buy Cars Toowoomba to Sell Your Car

Need To Sell Your Car?

Here at We Buy Cars Toowoomba, we will offer you the best current price for your vehicle.

We Buy All Cars

We buy cars of all brands and models and ensure the process is as straightforward as possible.

Let Us Take Care Of Everything

We want our customers to feel at ease in knowing that they will be funded for their car quickly and conveniently.

Over 30 Years Experience

With over three decades in the car selling industry, we have a strong understanding of the market, so you’re in safe hands with us!

Save Time And Money

There is no need for you to get your car repaired or go to a car detailer before selling to We Buy Cars.

A Simple Process

We understand that you may not have the time to sell to the market or privately. Our car-reselling process will save you time and hassle.

No Nonsense Sales

We Buy Cars Toowoomba provides a fair valuation, keeping the customers best interest in mind.

No Car Certificate Needed

When selling your car with We Buy Cars, you will not have to provide a roadworthy certificate.

Choose We Buy Cars Today

Our friendly team is ready to answer your questions. Contact us on 1300 932 892 or book an appointment today.

Locations we service

We Buy Cars is a national used car buyer that has locations in many Australian cities. We offer instant valuation on any used car with our online valuation widget. When you need to sell you car fast... Talk to We Buy Cars today.
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"I sold my car for top dollar with We Buy Cars!"

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We Buy Cars is the easiest & most efficient way to sell your used car.

If you've been telling yourself "I need to sell my car", you're in the right place! Our team are waiting for your enquiry. Book today and get cash for your used automobile.

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