Our handy guide to your car maintenance checklist

Post by webuycars on 19 June 2023

Owning a car is a big responsibility, but keeping up to date with your car maintenance is an even bigger one. When was the last time you got your car fluids changed? Or your tyre pressure checked? While it's easy to keep your car on the road, giving your car the right care and attention can extend your car’s life and performance over time. If you are planning on selling your vehicle at some point in the future, ensuring consistent car maintenance routines have a positive impact on your car’s reliability, safety and valuation of your car cost.

Although some may associate car maintenance with complicated mechanical knowledge - don’t worry we’ve got you covered! Learning how to take care of your vehicle and extend your car’s life is the first step to making sure you get a better price when it comes time to sell. At We Buy Cars, simple and easy is at the heart of everything we do, and we’ve set some useful tips for what to look for and how to avoid those costly repairs regardless of your expertise under the hood.

Our top 5 car maintenance tips

Check your car tyre pressures regularly 

If you're on the road to selling your car, regularly checking your tyre pressure is an easy tick off your car servicing checklist. There's no doubt that you want your car to be valued for good handling and steering safety, and that’s why maintaining your tyres can extend the car life of your vehicle. For best practice, try to check your tyres every week or two to prevent your car from over or under-inflation. All tyres have specified tyre pressures and failing to meet your car's pressure requirements can risk the safety of you and your passengers, as well as incurring additional costs for petrol and car maintenance or servicing. When tyre pressures are regulated, you can prevent the greater wear and tear from extending to other parts of the car. The best part? You won’t have to change them often! It’s handy to have your own tyre pressure gauge in the glove box anytime or you can visit your local petrol station. Ensuring proper car care shows that you’ve cared for your vehicle and it’s ready to hit the road.

Ensure car maintenance inside and out

The car interior is just as important as the outside appeal of the car. Do you remember those old takeaway wrappers you said you would throw out? It’s time to say goodbye and give your vehicle the proper car care it deserves! We’re talking vacuuming underneath and between the seat cracks and you heard it - the back boot too. While sand and dirt granules are small, they can scratch the protective surface of your car. If you have leather interiors, using a leather friendly spray and soft microfibre wipe can prevent causing any long-term discolouration. Fabric seats? No problem! Hydro-power cleaners use high-pressure water suction to remove those stubborn stains and built up oil. Head to your local car wash if you're wanting to give your car that new car smell again. People tend to overlook their interior car maintenance, but with the right car care you can reduce the car costs associated with long-term damage to your car seats and surfaces.

Check Car Battery Health 

If you’re running late to work, the last thing you need is a flat or faulty car battery. Car batteries will generally last between two to three years under highly maintained conditions, but if you’re looking to prolong your car battery span you need to look out for some signs of a bad battery. Pay close attention if your engine takes a little longer than usual to turn over or if you notice your headlights are starting to look a little dim. Car batteries may not be giving the same energy because of overuse, corrosion and dampness that could lead to short circuits and leakage. It’s worth keeping track of how old your car batteries are, as they could potentially set you back around $175 to $500 if they need to be replaced. Make sure to check your regular car servicing schedule and your battery dashboard light which will often let you know something might be wrong with your battery. 

Fluid changes for your car care

Although it sounds like a chore to complete, checking your car fluids helps keep your vehicle running smoothly and extends the life of your vehicle. What car fluids do you ask? Most cars will have an engine oil, radiator coolant, windscreen wiper, power steering fluid and automatic transmission fluid. It might be worth brushing up on your brake fluid knowledge which is an easy and inexpensive car maintenance item that can significantly improve your vehicle performance and safety. Regularly checking your brake fluid is not only a safety concern, but can prevent build up in the hoses and pipes that could be a future car cost if left unattended. Each of the different types of fluids serve a different function and changing schedule, so make sure to keep tabs of when they should be changed and when they were last checked. Remember, paying close attention to your car fluids as part of your regular car maintenance checks is important for preventing long-term blockages and damage. 

Inspecting Belt and Hoses can extend car life

If you thought checking the internal parts of your car stopped at the engine, you’re mistaken. Adding in your monthly hose and belt checks to your regular car maintenance schedule can help you avoid some hefty car costs and engine problems later down the track. You might be asking yourself, “what do belts and hoses even do?” Belts handle the grunt work for distributing the power throughout the rest of the vehicle, while your car’s hoses work hard to allocate the right fluids to the right places. While it might seem like a large upfront cost, regularly taking your car in for a service can prevent increased car costs in the long run due to things like an overheated engine, loss of power steering and leaks. Now is the time to check the internal system we know you were putting off! 

Your regular car maintenance checks can be a very tedious task in your car servicing checklist. But making sure you keep track of the regular changes and warning signs of your car, can make or break the final price valuation and appeal of your vehicle. Whether you are a first time seller or seasoned professional, you can reduce the number of car costs by keeping your car in top shape. There are a variety of factors that can affect the value of your car and we want to make sure that you secure the best price when you sell it! 

If you’re ready to talk about what your car is worth, we are here to help! If you’re interested in receiving an accurate estimate of your car’s value, take our free three-step car valuation today and let us help you secure the best price!

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